My mission is to learn and educate others about personal finance as much as possible. To go forward into the great unknown of financial planning is difficult at best and almost impossible for individuals focused in other areas of life such as their hobbies, career, and family. Finance is so much more than numbers, graphs, charts, and plans. Personal finance is about self-motivation and fostering personal accountability.

The words and numbers that appear on plans, charts, and graphs only sketch a rough outline of your financial picture. You are the artist that colors in the rest of the picture and decides where to add creativity and where to stick within the lines. By offering individuals personalized advice, I hope to empower everyone to commit to themselves and remove the barriers that keep them from reaching their personal best. 

Let’s begin to paint a brighter tomorrow where people feel confident about their finances, optimistic about their future, and able to enjoy the things that matter most to them in the present.


Enpo has a Masters of Science in Financial Services with an emphasis in legacy planning. Among other specializations, he is a Millennial Financial Consumer Specialist.

CFP® Professional

Certified Financial Planner


Retirement Income Certified Professional


Charted Advisor in Philanthropy


Chartered Financial Consultant


Chartered Life Underwriter

Financial Consumer Specialist

Life and Health

Licensed in Insurance

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